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Partnering with India's first F1 Grand Prix track for Restroom Cubicles and Urinary Panels. read more

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Mission, Vision, Motto, Inspiration & Proof of Excellence

Our business is built on the steady pillars of a globally relevant mission, a far reaching vision, a strong three-pronged motto.

Universal Weal through Trade & Industry

Global Competence & Global Competitiveness Synergizing Western Work Culture & Indian Ethos.

Economy Excellence Ethics

Explanation of Motto:
Excellence in Economy is:
Economic, when founded on Work Ethics.
Sustainable, when nourished by Moral Ethics.

Business Strategy:
Our approach is Market Driven, Knowledge Based, System Sustained, I.T Enabled, and Ethics Anchored.

Proof of Excellence:
At Merino, maintaining quality is a tradition which is lived with a passion. We encourage the adherence to safety standards, promote ease-of-application, strive to reduce installation time, and help our customers maintain their interiors with relevant usage information.