Merino Back to School Series

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Merino Back To School Series Products are made from solid grade Compact High Pressure Laminate as per EN 438-4 manufactured under high pressure and temperature with bunch of kraft papers and decorative papers made of Alpha Cellulose Fibre impregnated with thermosetting synthetic resin which provide superior Scratch, Abrasion, Heat, Chemical, Impact, Graffiti, Moisture and Bacterial Growth Resistance.

Merino Back to School Series Cubicles have been designed to meet the requirements of all age groups of the children in formal education setting starting from Play Schools to High Schools. Special considerations on heights, shapes, structures, functional & aesthetic have been taken care. Anti finger trap mechanism and Magnetic lock covers both the aspect of Safety and Security. Matching colour interiors can be created with matching Merino Restroom cladding. Vanity Units and URO Modesty Panel, thereby providing visible treat.