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The Ceiling Hung Series

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To supply and install 'Merino-Besco' Ceiling Hung Series Restroom System complete with Merino stainless steel series accessories. The modular shall possess 100% resistant properties towards water, chemical and impact.

Intermediate Panel, Pilaster and Door - Merino compact laminate as per IS 2046

All pilasters and doors shall be 18 mm thick and intermediate panels shall be 12 mm thick, solid compact laminate with edge chamfered. The solid compact laminate (phenolic core board) shall be impregnated with phenolic resin based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and laminates on both sides with suede finish melamine.

The panel shall posses the characteristic of colour, scratch & impact resistance. The sheets shall be bonded at high pressure greater than 1000 lbs per sq inch at temperature of about 300° F.