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Product Features /

Water and Moisture
Water proof - except in stagnant water; extensively used for shower cubicles.

• Staining, Graffiti and Bacteria Growth
Top layer coated with melamine resin of high concentration. No pores on top surface hence non-absorbent.

• Scratching
Single smooth entity with very hard melamine top.

• Impact
Has high density and right flexural strength therefore vandal proof.

• Fire
Passes BS 476 Class 1 Test.

• Colour Change
Passes the Xenon Arc Wool test - Grade 6. No change except when directly exposed to sunlight for 180 days.

• Cigarette Burn
Passes highest grade '5' as per ISI specification.

• Finish
It retains brilliant finish even after many years of demanding use.
• Colour
It will not fade, tarnish or rust.

• Durability
It is extremely strong, impact resistant and flexible. It will not become hard and brittle or soft and elastic.

• Surface
It has a smooth, non-porous surface which will not support bacteria or attract dust.

• Anti-static
It does not transmit static electric shocks or extreme changes in temperature; it is warm to the touch.

• Eco-friendly
It can be recycled and in case of fire the surface does not produce any toxic or Caustic gases.