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The Support Grab Bar System

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'Merino-Besco Support Grab Bar System' is a versatile tubes and connectors system that enables creative customised design for support grab bars, guide railings, balustrades & stairways where vertical post fixing are required. The products are made of seamless bacteria resistant grade polyamide, diameter 30 mm x 3.2 mm with wall fixing rose made of anti-corrosive steel rose diameter 80mm, polyamide cap to concealed fixing. Our modular construction simplifies installation and clamps accommodate 10 mm glass or HPL panels. All products have been designed for strength and with solid fastenings. The construction is reinforced with aluminium and zinc galvanized components.

The 'Support Grab Bar System' is available in left and right handed version with plugs and screws.

Our system conforms to ADA standards for toilets for the physically challenged. Our tactile directional signages facilitate the visually handicapped.

Support Grab Bar System - Polyamide
Merino-Besco Polyamide nylon products integrate clean design, high quality materials & functional precision. The colours and finishes available assure the possibility of matching or contrasting with individual colour choices. Merino-Besco Polyamide Grab Bars will give you a better and strong grip with 32 mm diameter. Unlike stainless steel grab bars it does not promote cold grips in air-conditioned environment.

Polyamide Features
• High quality nylon meets the rising demand for aesthetic and hygienic products for the bathroom
• Has a smooth, non porous surface which is resistant to cosmetics, bacteria & dust
• The round closed forms and concealed fastenings provide surfaces which do not accumulate dirt

• Can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth
• The anti-static surface of nylon negates the chances of electric shock
• The designs are free of sharp and abrasive elements
• Maintains a mild temperature despite variation on heat or cold. Unlike stainless steel grab bars it does not promote cold grips in air-conditioned environment.

With the water closet compartment for the wheelchair users, it shall comply with the following according to the code of practice. It shall:

• Have a clear internal dimension of not less than 1500 mm x 1750 mm
• Be equipped with a door with a clear opening size of 900 mm-1000mm with the door out swing position
• With a coat hook mounted on a side wall not more than 1300mm from the floor projecting not more than 40 mm from the wall
• Grab Bar shall be provided in individual washrooms complying with the requirement Illustrated in Appendix D.

Grab bars are available in three colour choices: White, Grey & Black