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The ZEUS series

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We supply and install, 'Merino-Besco Zeus Series' Restroom Cubicle System that includes intermediate panel, pilaster & door made of Merino compact laminates. The solid compact laminate (Phenolic Core Board) is based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers and is manufactured as per IS 2046. Top surface on both sides is melamine coated which is scratch & impact resistant.

The intermediate panel is one continuous panel without any joints. All intermediate panels, pilasters and doors shall be 12 mm thick with edges chamfered.

Standard Dimensions
Standard Overall Height of Restroom Cubicle : 2039 mm
Standard Width of Restroom Cubicle : 900 mm
Standard Depth of Restroom Cubicle : 1550 mm
Standard Door Width of Restroom Cubicle : 600 mm
Standard Door Height of Restroom Cubicle : 1830 mm
Physically Challenged Cubicle Dimensions : 1500 mm x 1750 mm x 900 mm (Width x Depth x Door)

Special Note
As per the Metric Handbook on Planning & Design the minimum space between the door opening & the WC should be 450 mm. In our standard cubicles the overall depth of the restroom is 1550 mm providing a gap of around 500 mm between the door & the WC (as indicated by the shaded area in the drawing on page 11). As this gap is more than the proposed standard gap, hence there should not be any problem constructing the toilet cubicles as per the dimensions indicated in the diagram unless there are other obstructing objects placed in the confined area.

We provide 5 years warranty against any moisture related damages to all intermediate panels, doors & pilasters and 1 year warranty for the restroom workmanship and material (accessories) excluding wear, tear and vandalism.